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Publishing Service

Aquaculture manual and book - editing & publishing service

We offer a complete English publishing service for either web-based html sites for organisation intranets or the internet and the cost effective publication of books and manuals. Other language formats are possible, but depend on consultants available at the time of request. Depending on your specific requirement, be it hatchery, growout, maturation or feed manufacture, we will select a team to work on-site with your staff, serving as consultants. The end result is a detailed, site-specific manual with full ISBN registration in the name of your company or individuals.

We offer:

  • Professional custom cover designs;
  • Trade paperback and eBook formatting of your book;
  • Worldwide distribution, ISBN numbers, and bar codes;
  • Outstanding volume discounts for authors;
  • Excellent one-on-one author support from the idea through to final publication;
  • Non-exclusive publishing contracts;
  • Personalized marketing toolkits;

Most popular features in a publishing package

Included Features:

  • eBook Setup
  • Distribution if required
  • Editorial Review
  • Bookseller Discount
  • Marketing Workbook
  • Copyediting
  • Hard Cover

Text Scanning & Conversion Service

If you have a typewritten manuscript or a previously published book that you would like to convert to a word-processed format, our text scanning and conversion service uses optical character recognition (OCR) software to scan printed text and convert it into your favorite word-processing format. We also proofread it to correct possible typographical errors. You'll receive an accurate file in your choice of Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, or Rich Text format. This service is better than simply scanning the manuscript or book because you'll receive your file on disks that can be edited, stored and published as you wish.

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