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The term ecotaoism was coined by Laurence Evans in the early 1980’s as an ecological mechanism observed in nature. This is not an ideology, but a process that emerges from natural evolutionary processes. It is an outcome of natural selection and explains much of what humanity is not doing (correctly) in our collective relationship with nature and fellow humans. The mechanism is described as an interactive consequence of the reproductive surplus of perpetuating organisms and the impact of each organism on the ecosystem of which they are a part. The feedback response from the ecosystem brings about a natural compatibility; a good example of which is the bee and flower association. The forces driving necessary perpetuation of a species and compatibility with (perpetuation of) the ecosystem’s associated species are therefore opposing forces that define the survival potential of the species (perpetuity and compatibility). Natural selection drives both mechanisms in defining the form, behaviour and physiology of any species.

In a nutshell, ecotaoism states that any organism perpetuates its kind in association with the other life forms (or cultures), causing a holistic feedback response from all associated species within the ecosystem. Along with numerical perpetuation as a species (or culture), is the moderating feedback from (or necessary compatibility with) other organisms (or cultures) that depend upon a shared ecosystem, habitat or resource. While the drive to perpetuate is aggressive and takes from the environment, consuming resources or impacting on cultures, the associated need for environmental compatibility originates from feedback forces from the environment due to the interdependence of organisms within an ecosystem. This is epitomised by the association of the bee and the flower a physical example of the outcome of this process in nature. Holism derives from the fact that all the interacting species are dependent upon the same habitat.

The need for compatibility originates from evolutionary forces that determine long-term sustainability (and extinction). See the synopsis of Nature’s Holism for a quick review.

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