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Big Crocodiles

Nile crocodile


Even a really great digital camcorder or camera can't truly capture the size of these monsters! They may look like big, lumbering beasts but can move surprisingly fast and there was quite a bit of risk to the two people measuring the crocs. You'll notice that in most of the photos, it's almost impossible to get the full length of either the male or female in the frame. It's important to note that the people in the photos are experienced in dealing with crocodiles and that these can be very dangerous animals. If you ever see a crocodile in the wild, back away and give it a lot of space.


Large female

Large male

Large male

Large male

Monster and wives

do not play with monster

large male eye

female male wary


female head

female male

large female versus can

large male female

large male tail

large male versus can

Things go better.

Keep distance

large male taped

Tail of large male

large male curled

large male head

Large Male's length

Measure male

Measure large male

Measure large female

Measuring up.

Measuring monster


Monster's good eye

Monster wary

Monster Sunning


Monster and Peter Watson

Monster bad eye

Monster challenge

Monster croc

Monster full length

Monster's head

Monster jaw

Monster jaw

Monster's ladies

Monster and cool drink can

Africa Sky

African Sunset

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