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Ecotao Aquaculture

Welcome to Ecotao Aquaculture

Ecotao Aquaculture is specialised in Aquaculture and HACCP. Our specialty is aquaculture materials, operations and production management.  With our diverse contacts we can source the right team for any service required. We offer a service in the form of:

  1. Consultancy in aquaculture systems, ( e.g. Penaeid shrimp farming)
    • Growout (feed management)
    • Hatchery (larval rearing) and maturation
    • Algae production
    • Feed formulation and production
    • Processing and HACCP in-house training materials;
    • Logo Design (see bottom of this page)
  2. Training materials;
  3. Equipment supply;
  4. Business Plans and financial models;
  5. Facility establishment (startup operations) or review;
  6. Web page design and hosting ( , );
  7. Editing and publishing of manuals and other aquaculture books, with full ISBN registration.

We fast route the establishment process for shrimp/prawn, HACCP and other aquaculture facilities. Training in technology reduces the time period required from learning to effective capacities. Websites vastly improve the marketing effort by providing a presence where commonly asked questions are clearly answered.

Ecotao Aquaculture arose from a career in aquaculture, with an emphasis on the farming of penaeid prawns (shrimp) and an ecological background, illustrated in the book, Nature’s Holism. It applied policies maintain an environmental emphasis in all activities. Projects are developed on sustainable principles.

The fields of aquaculture, marketing, websites and HACCP are quite distinct, yet for aquaculture, are tightly integrated, as any good marketing effort will require HACCP certification and an internet presence. Some operations will require only one or the other service, so this site separates the services as separate units.


Ecotao Aquaculture
P.O. Box 1524
South Africa

Tel: 27-(0)32-5525929
Fax: 27-(0)32-5525929


Ecotao Aquaculture has specialized in aquaculture production and operations management (e.g. prawn (shrimp)) and can offer services such as:

  • Feasibility investigation and business plans;
  • Networking of the necessary skills needed to get the project up to full production;
  • Feed management optimisation, including  scientific analysis of current feeding efficiency and implementation of feed management tools;
  • Training programs for new staff;
  • Site and facility-specific manuals for growout and hatchery operations;
  • System and site review and troubleshooting for existing farms;
  • Equipment supply sourcing;
  • Sourcing of skilled experts from our network of contacts, for employment, such as hatchery and growout managers with international experience;
  • Company websites for aquaculture and other businesses;
  • Full editing and publication, in book form, with table of contents and an index, of manuals and other aquaculture related books, professionally bound and with the ISBN registration at cost effective rates;
  • Identification of staff training needs;
  • Management systems for the shrimp (prawn) hatchery and growout operations;
  • Site GIS imagery and interpretation;
  • Coordination and management of full EIA process;

Specialist Service categories

We have most experience with Fenneropenaeus indicus and Penaeus monodon. With this species we can offer

  • Technology transfer for the growout, hatchery, and maturation facilities.
  • We can also produce the HACCP manual for processing plants and help establish the processing facility.
  • A small scale feed mills and feed formulation.
  • Diet analysis for your current feed and how it relates to the species that you are rearing, in terms of amino acid profile. This report will compare the dietary amino acid profile to that of your farmed species.

Environmental component

Our approach automatically includes an environmental component. We will advise on the environmental component of an aquaculture project. EIA’s are not our specialty, but we can manage and coordinate the whole process. Our field is applied farming methods. From this perspective, we develop an environmental awareness component to any project.


Generally, we do not produce engineering design, though this service can be built into any service requirement if necessary. Our field is applied farming methods. Engineering design can be coordinated through our network of industry associates.

Financial Business Plans

We can prepare professional business plans and financial models (Excel format) for a project using internationally acclaimed software for this process.

Management Tools

For operating and startup farms we can setup and supply:

  • Computer based asset databases
  • Consumable management databases
  • Library and research database for hard copy and software books
  • Computerized maintenance management systems
  • Google-like research tools to search and rapidly access your mass of stored aquaculture literature
  • Training of staff in the above

Contact Us

For further information, please contact us at

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