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Ecotao Aquaculture

Welcome to Ecotao Aquaculture

Ecotao Aquaculture is specialised in Aquaculture and HACCP. Our specialty is aquaculture materials, operations and production management.  With our diverse contacts we can source the right team for any service required. We offer a service in the form of:

  1. Consultancy in aquaculture systems, ( e.g. Penaeid shrimp farming)
    • Growout (feed management)
    • Hatchery (larval rearing) and maturation
    • Algae production
    • Feed formulation, feed management and production
    • Processing and HACCP in-house training materials;
    • Logo Design (see bottom of this page)
  2. Training materials;
  3. Equipment supply;
  4. Business Plans and financial models;
  5. Facility establishment (startup operations) or review;
  6. Web page design and hosting ( , );
  7. Editing and publishing of manuals and other aquaculture books, with full ISBN registration.

We fast route the establishment process for shrimp/prawn, HACCP and other aquaculture facilities. Training in technology reduces the time period required from learning to effective capacities. Websites vastly improve the marketing effort by providing a presence where commonly asked questions are clearly answered.

Ecotao Aquaculture arose from a career in aquaculture, with experience in both fish and penaeid prawns (shrimp) production. We apply policies maintain an environmental emphasis in all activities. Projects are developed on sustainable principles.

The fields of aquaculture, marketing, websites and HACCP are quite distinct, yet for aquaculture, are tightly integrated, as any good marketing effort will require HACCP certification and an internet presence. Some operations will require only one or the other service, so this site separates the services as separate units.

The company has done work for the CDE in the past, both in Mozambique and Papua New Guinea. Ecotao Enterprises has also produced HACCP training materials for a shrimp farm in Saudi Arabia.

Laurence Evans is based in South Africa and has been involved in aquaculture production since 1986. He is currently working on a short contract for the Food and Agriculture Organization. His specialty is production management, business plans and financial models.

Ecotao Aquaculture
P.O. Box 1524
South Africa

Tel: 27-(0)32-5525929
Fax: 27-(0)32-5525929


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